Things I Believe To Be True That Most Disagree With

Your controversial views define your character more than any other beliefs you hold.

Tom Littler
6th June 2021

On Nation States

Nations states have only been the dominant form of government since the late 1700’s.

That you are born into a country and must indefinitely pay 50% of your earnings for the privilege is obscene. It is anti-competitive and stifles public-sector efficiency and innovation.

We will see a regression/progression to the city-state model, perhaps via the metaverse. Governments will fiercely compete for citizens.

Governance via blockchain will unlock this.

On Education

The value school adds is 50% childcare, 30% socialisation & 20% education. Low financial incentives for teachers means the best minds are not attracted to the profession. 

Technology will leverage 1:1000 rather than 1:30 learning. Teachers will become superstars and will be compensated accordingly.

The highest achieving children will aim towards becoming teachers.

On Regret

The popular belief of having ‘no regrets’ is pretty absurd. Having no regrets points to a complete lack of self-awareness, an unlived life, or both.

Feeling deeply into regrets is one of the most positive springboards for positive change. Regrets, then, are a force for good.  

On Optimisation

The best thing you can optimise for is time away from a screen. I spend 10 hours a day staring at a screen now so in 10 years I can spend 2.

Off screen is where real conversation happen, real relationships are made and real experiences are felt. All critical factors to living a meaningful life.

On Wealth

Wealth is a worthy thing to aim for, to an extent. At £10m or so, your money problems are likely taken care of,and cash should not be a limiting to squeeze the juice out of life.

Over this amount and cash probably becomes a stress – a responsibility to do good. If you are looking to optimise yours and your family’s happiness, it’s probably best to stop here.  

On Coding

‘Kids should learn how to code’ is bad advice. We do not know if coding will be a desirable skill in 10 years, let alone 30.

The root of education should be focused on timeless first principles. Maths, how to write, how to think, and how to work with others. These are skills that have would have served anyone well 2000 years ago, and will likely serve people well 2000 years from now.

On Truth

Objective truth does exist, just not on the level of conversation. I’ve experienced objective truth twice, and both times it was non-duality.  As soon as this (or any) truth is articulated, it becomes subjective.

Objective truth then, is ineffable.

On Free Will

Free will doesn’t exist, though it certainly feels like it does.If you rewound your life 10 minutes, or 10 years, how could anything turn out differently?

One argument against free will is chaos theory, the notion that electrons, and therefore life, move randomly. But randomness is not an argument against predeterminism.

Ironically, theoretically knowing this in no ways effects the illusion you are in control.

On Politics

Democracy is a game of smoke and mirrors, designed to give people a feeling of control that doesn’t exist.

Politics and news is just a distraction, only benefiting politicians by keeping you sucked into the game. It is entertainment in its most toxic form.

The most reliable way to effect change is to build wealth. So if you want to change something, focus on this, rather than the news.

On Farming

Organic farming is good for taste and animal welfare, but bad for the environment.

The land footprint required for organic farming is multiples of GM/Battery.

If all farming was organic the land required would decimate the planet.

With current technological limitations and population size,the best approach would be a very concentrated area of highly optimised farms,and the rest of the land left completely untouched.

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